President Roy Tyson (

Vice President Rich Baker (


Secretary Paul Paulman / Don Johnson

Prefect Doug Bertelsen (


We hold meetings at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the LaVista Community Center. For those months where the first Tuesday falls on a holiday, the meeting is held on the subsequent Tuesday. The Community Center is located at 8116 Park View Blvd in LaVista.

To reach the Community Center, get on 84th Street in LaVista. Park View Blvd is just south of Harrison St. Turn east on Park View Blvd and go past the lawn & garden center on the north side of the road. The Community Center is the large brick building on the north side of the road. Inside the front door is a board with the room assignments for the evening. We are normally in room 5.

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Altitude Records

Commercially available altimeters only

Field Record (Pickrell field)

Top two records are posted

Motor ClassMotorAltitudeNameDate
MAT M-129719,700'Minnesota4/19/2008
 M-1400 research16,098'Thomas Kernes6/17/2005

Single Solid Motors

Top two records are posted (Pickrell field)

Motor ClassMotorAltitudeNameDate
FAT F-251350'Richard Burney8/22/1999
GAT G-642169'Rick Bosworth4/19/2008
 AT G-801852'Doug Buhrman6/19/2004
HAT H-2685919'Scott Chaffin6/17/2007
 AT H-1484411'Andrew Wimmer12/17/2006
ICTI I-2859351'Nathan Warner4/22/2006
 AT I-2008261'Larry Mills6/18/2006
JAT J-5709409'Larry Mills5/15/2004
 AT J-4157742'Andrew Wimmer6/18/2006
KLOKI K-35013,585'Don Rice6/17/2007
 AT K-18511,317'Thomas Kernes4/21/2006
LCTI L-73013,248'Scott Chaffin10/18/2008
 AT L-85012,347'Thomas Kernes10/17/2008
MCTI M-106013,310'Thomas Kernes4/19/2008
 CTI M-14005476'Don Rice6/19/2005

Single Hybrid Motors

Top two records are posted (Pickrell field)

Motor ClassMotorAltitudeNameDate
JAT J-3909872'Don Rice 
KHTk K-2406549'Scott Chaffin10/19/2008
 HTk K-2404154'Scott Chaffin9/20/2008
MHTk M-100015,192'Scott Chaffin6/19/2005

Clustered and Staged Motors

Top two records are posted (Pickrell field)

Motor ClassMotorsImpulseAltitudeNameDate
GAT G-80
AT E-9
148.5 Ns1143'Andrew Wimmer3/15/2004
HAT G-80
AT D-12
AT E-9
165.5 Ns1232'Andrew Wimmer4/10/2004
JAT I-350
AT H-165
AT H-165
AT F-40
AT F-40
1091 Ns3104'George Wimmer4/17/2005
KAT I-540
AT I-200
AT I-200
AT H-210
AT H-210
AT G-75
1958 Ns4732'George Wimmer7/18/2005

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